About Us

Workforce Plus creates innovative pathways into sustainable employment

We work with:

– Young people and jobseekers to assist them develop the vocational and employability skills for sustainable work and careers.

– Employers to ensure we respond to their workforce needs with the right training and supports.

– Industry, community and training and employment service providers to be responsive to local challenges.

We believe that by working together, collaboratively and in partnership, we’ll deliver better outcomes for our local communities.

We are not afraid to do things differently, so we work with our target client groups to explore the potential of cutting-edge technologies, including virtual reality and artificial intelligence in seeking new ways to learn.


What We Do

Our co-design model, working alongside jobseekers and employers, empowers people to discover their unique strengths and actively choose their future.

Workforce Plus is a non profit organisation in Victoria, dedicated to creating innovative pathways to sustainable employment, empowering people to discover their unique strengths, and actively choosing their future.

We believe strongly in the power of partnerships and have strong networks across Australia to meet diverse needs.

We provide training programs across rural and metropolitan Victoria and are leading innovative programs to encourage and assist jobseekers into employment across Australia, utilising cutting edge technologies including virtual reality and online training. We are experienced in delivering programs in metropolitan and rural areas, and have significant experience in working with diverse audiences including indigenous communities, people with disabilities, and participants from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

We invite you to get in touch with us to discuss your training and employment needs. For more information call us on 1800 114 244