CarePlaysVR assists young indigenous people in the Northern Territory to take up sustainable and rewarding careers in the care sector


Using innovative Virtual Reality tools and tailor-made training resources, we help young people use their strengths and the things they love doing to support others in their communities.


This project was funded by the Department of Social Services through the Try Test Learn Initiative, in partnership with National Disability Services (NDS) NT and the Karen Sheldon Group.


We are:

Creating an innovative and culturally meaningful Virtual Reality resource to engage young people in working in the care sector, and support them with targeted induction materials to transition from education to work. Building off the successful WorkplaysVR platform, this resource is being co-designed with young indigenous people in the Northen Territory and local training, industry and employer groups.
Providing 4-6 weeks of culturally appropriate training both digitally, and face to face in Darwin, Alice Springs and Tennant Creek to develop skills, highlight strengths and support participants in building the experience and expertise they need to build a meaningful, long-term career.
Supporting young people into local industry placements to provide first-hand experience, put their skills into action, and build their passion to work in the caring sector.

These initiatives will contribute to assisting more young indigenous people into employment, and addressing the increasing workforce gap in the care sector, especially in remote regions and in indigenous communities.

Pathways to Employment

Utilising Virtual Reality with our CarePlays VR Program to instruct students

CarePlaysVR is an Australian designed and developed virtual reality resource which supports people to understand what work in the care and support sector looks like and to get excited about a career supporting people in their own communities. It was designed in collaboration with young Indigenous people in the Northern Territory and local training, industry and employer groups, and is applicable to all states, sectors and participants.

If you are an employer in the care sector (eg. child care, disability, aged care, etc) we can link you with trained young people to undertake work experience placements within your organisation whilst being supported by Workforce Plus. This provides them with invaluable experience of work in the sector and will provide you with an opportunity to build your workforce with enthusiastic young local people who are keen to make a difference in their communities.

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