Employment Services

Transition to Work

The Transition to Work employment service helps young people aged 15-24 into work (including apprenticeships and training) or education

WorkPlays VR

WorkPlaysVR provides an engaging and memorable experience of working to support someone with a disability, and in doing so create opportunities to engage potential students and employees in meaningful dialogue about study and work in the disability sector.

Careplays VR

CarePlaysVR is providing young indigenous people in the Northern Territory with the opportunity, skills, and experience to take up sustainable and rewarding careers in the care sector – Using their strengths and the things they love doing to support others in their communities.

I didn’t even used to leave my house but since being here have met new people and come out of my shell, there so many new opportunities.

It’s been a life-changing opportunity for those members of the community who have found employment and a purpose in their life

[CarePlays VR] has definitely opened up a few doors that I didn’t even know existed in Community Services, particularly in disability and aged care.’