Pathways to Employment

Because finding and keeping a job makes a difference


#NextGenWork is committed to working  with industry and communities to meet local workforce and skills demands by supporting vulnerable people into work.   


Our vision is a simple one: that those in our community who may be vulnerable to long-term unemployment are able to obtain and retain employment in their community, and that employers are able to employ reliable local workers.   

The principles guiding our work 

The guiding principles informing how we work to support training participants to obtain employment are: 

Trust: we are respectful and culturally attuned   

Genuine co-design: we are person-centred always 

Consistency: we are stable and reliable in how we train and support participants 

Flexibility: we are adaptable to changing circumstances  

Place based: we are committed to leveraging local linkages   

Face2face: because ‘in person’ relationships matter. 

In training and supporting participants to obtain employment Workforce Plus: 

Is always accessible: 

So that services, sites and our online presence are:  

  • Accessible for participants, including people with disability
  • Close to public transport and the centre of town
  • Welcoming, safe and professional
  • Gender equitable
  • Culturally sensitive and inclusive  

Cultivates strong local employer connections  

By leveraging our strong industry relationships to work with employers on creating jobs for local people and on building the skills & capabilities of local people for sustainability in an Industry 4.0 economy.  

Engaging participants with  sustainable work

In training and supporting participants to obtain employment Workforce Plus provides:




  • High engagement levels
  • Access to technology & the internet
  • A needs assessment, including interests, strengths, vocational and non-vocational barriers
  • Smart digital activation (including our interactive VR products)

Pre-employment training and upskilling, including: 

  • Developing employability skills
  • English as an Additional Language, Literacy & Numeracy, digital literacy & vocational training
  • Employment opportunities in  apprenticeships & traineeships,
  • Strategies to provide work experience
  • Training that is closer to where the jobs are

Building resilience and capability

Case management to address individual issues

Offering in work support

Practical & responsive  In Work  Support & referrals to services as required

Results matter

Over the past 5 years, working with our partners, GBS Recruitment and Karen Sheldon Group, #NextGenWork has provided pre-employment training, case management, transition to work and job outcomes and
support to 19,746 Participants who were facing vocational & non-vocational barriers.

Our support for jobseekers is provided through programs such as:


Energising Skills Local Jobs Program: 

Care Plays VR:

Work Plays VR:

Women in STEM:

Learn Local  & AIM program