Support Services

Disability Support

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Using a strength-based approach, Workforce Plus provides supports in numerous settings and for different purposes to help people grow in their abilities and aspirations to:

  • maintain their daily living skills to become independent in their home
  • build confidence whilst attending a work placement, work experience or on the job
  • develop study skills on campus or at home
  • develop social skills to be able to participate in their community
  • develop pre-employment skills and knowledge to create themselves a pathway to education or employment.


National Disability Insurance Scheme

Individual Support

Our staff can provide supports 1:1 in numerous settings and for different purposes to help people grow in their abilities and aspirations.

· Build confidence whilst attending a work experience placement.

· Maintain their daily living skills to become independent in their home.

· Develop study skills on campus or at home.

· Develop social skills to be able to participate in their community.

· Develop skills and knowledge to create a pathway to education and employment.

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Group Activities

Our NDIS group activities are held in our offices around your area, as well as in community settings and locations. These include:

  • Recreational community activities
  • Learn a new hobby
  • Social activities
  • Life and personal skills development
  • Customised group activities (what would you like to do?)

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Community Arts Program

The Community Arts Program welcomes anyone from beginners to skilled artists. This program is for people who would like to express themselves in a safe and supportive environment.

· Focus Is on the therapeutic process rather than the result and skill level, supporting individual projects as well as collaborative pieces.

· Includes an Art Exhibition, as part of the broader arts community.

If you have an idea of what you would like to create, design or make, let’s make it happen!


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Workforce Plus appreciates the importance for NDIS participants to have access to high quality mentoring services to improve quality of life. We support participants to:

· Obtain and maintain employment

· Access and complete education and training

· Find hobbies and recreation activities in line with interests.

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)

This course is designed to assist, support and educate young people to be able to make the transition from the school environment to being part of the community as an adult. They will cover a broad range of topics whilst receiving supports for up to two years that are focused on improving employment opportunities by getting them work-ready.

· Develop networks

· Develop communication skills

· Goal setting

· Employability skills

· Explore study options

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NDIS Registered Supports:

0102 Assist Access/Maintain Employment

0107 Assistance with daily personal activities

0116 Innovative community participation

0117 Development-Life Skills

0125 Participate Community

0128 Therapeutic Supports

0133 Specialised supported employment

0136 Group and Centre Activities


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Do-Crew are hiring!

· Who is eligible?

Do-Crew is for people 16 years old and over, who live with a disability or mental illness and have NDIS support. As part of a team, you will work for a local business, completing tasks such as cleaning or warehouse work. Your NDIS support worker will provide transport and ongoing assistance in the workplace.

· Training

Do-Crew starts with 4-5 weeks training, 3 days a week, funded by Learn Local (approx. $65) and using NDIS funding (1:3 Group Community) for transport and support. This will teach you general employability and communication skills, workplace health and safety, as well as practising the tasks for the specific role.

· Employment

After successfully completing the training, you can apply to be part of Do-Crew. If you are appointed, you will become an employee of Workforce Plus as a casual, receiving award hourly rates. You will be supported by your NDIS Support Workers (1:3 Group Community) for transport to and from the business, as well as onsite support and assistance during the shifts.

Be part of a supportive team, earn a great wage, and become a valued member of a local business – join the Do-Crew!

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Workforce Plus has a strong history of delivering high quality courses using innovative technology that develop the leadership skills for today and the future. Our ‘Leadership Courses’ build and grow leadership capabilities for those living with disability, as we know everybody is capable of being a ‘Leader’.

Carer Support Program

Workforce Plus gives respite support for carers, to fit in around their needs. We can be flexible and responsive, to give carers that break they need. You do not need to be a registered carer to access this support.

If you or a family member is a NDIS participant living in Northern Territory, Gippsland or the Mornington Peninsula, contact us for our flexible and innovative opportunities.

Workforce Plus supports NDIS participants who need extra help to pursue their employment goals.